Education in Times of the Corona Pandemic

As a university with a focus on shaping society, it is important that we do not simply conduct business as usual in times of the corona crisis. Instead, together with our students, we want to teach and learn in a trans- and interdisciplinary way in, with and through the crisis. To this end, we integrated a large interdisciplinary lecture series “The Political Economy of the Corona Crisis” into all our courses of study last semester and opened it to external students and all interested parties. This winter semester of 2020/21, a public digital lecture series has again been organized, this time under the motto “Fight every crisis: Global perspectives of a post-corona economy”.

In addition, we are conducting a transdisciplinary project titled “Chroniclers of the Crisis” in all teaching and research modules of our degree programs. This project involves collectively bringing to light essential aspects of the crisis that are both action-oriented and theoretically sound, and making them available for public discussion.

Furthermore, a group of students has come together to develop their own narrative research projects in the joint project “Stories of Success” (working title) under the expert advice of Prof. Dr. Lars Hochmann. Based on a common conceptual framework, expert interviews will be conducted and evaluated in different social fields such as agriculture, aid for refugees, cultural enterprises and others. The joint project aims to identify, understand, generalize and disseminate creative ways of coping with economic actors in response to the corona pandemic to establish a sustainable economy.

All further information will be provided internally to our students.

Our blog #coronaverstehen gathers together recent posts on research projects, comments on the current crisis or student projects which further contribute to the current discourse.