Public Lecture Series: Fight Every Crisis: Global Perspectives of a Post-Corona Economy

After the digital lecture series “Political Economy of the Corona Crisis” in the summer semester (information and documentation here), a public lecture series will now also take place in the winter semester between 15th of October 2020 and 11th of February 2021 on Thursdays from 2 to 4 pm c.t (CET).

The corona crisis continues to confront societies around the globe with a variety of challenges. The crisis has aggravated existing social inequalities and at the same time made them the subject of public debate. Poverty, the climate crisis and the corona pandemic interact and exacerbate each other. They are all linked by a fundamental crisis of the globalized economic system.

In our digital lecture series, global phenomena are to be considered from multiple perspectives.  We would like to enter into a dialogue with voices from different parts of the world. Innovative narratives and creative forms of actions are to be discovered and researched which question and fundamentally change the old narratives that underlie conventional economic activity. We want to make the newly created narratives and practices of solidarity more visible, strengthen and expand them so that they can be responsibly applied in our personal sphere of influence (detailed description here).

A brief program overview can be found in the PDF below.

You can register for the entire lecture series here.

A detailed overview of the dates and descriptions of the individual speakers can be found here.

Shortly after the respective date, the lecture – without discussion part – can usually be viewed on our YouTube channel.

With the lecture series the Cusanus Hochschule für Gesellschaftsgestaltung makes an academic contribution to the development of a post-corona economy. Our vision: promoting scholarship, providing scope for development in thought and action and enabling creative responses to the challenges of our time. You can find more information about our university here.