Registration for the lecture series

Who can participate? The interested public can participate. Students who wish to attend the entire series of lectures can, if they wish, take an examination in order to have ECTS points credited at their respective university/college.
Registration / Deregistration You can register for the entire lecture series using the form below. Should you decide to cancel your participation permanently during the semester, please send a message to
Costs The participation in our lecture series is free of charge. Nevertheless we ask for a voluntary donation for our independent and pluralistic educational offer! We recommend a donation of 100 € (donation form here).
Contact Questions about the lecture series can be directed to
Project partners  

The lecture series is supported by the Stiftung Evidenz and the Bundesstiftung Umwelt within the framework of the project “Narratives of a sustainable economy. New economic education for shaping complexity in times of crisis”.

Cooperation Partners The lecture series takes place on three dates in cooperation with Right Livelihood Foundation, which annually awards the Right Livelihood Award – widely known as the “Alternative Nobel Prize” – to honour personalities who are committed to solving global challenges. There is a cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Stiftung on one date: the foundation stands for green ideas and projects, is a reform-political future workshop and an international network.



With the following web form you can register for participation in the lecture series. Please note that the registration must be received at least 14 hours before the start of the lecture (so at midnight the day before the lecture) to be able to participate the following day. The dial-in data for the following lecture series will be sent to you in the morning of the lecture series.

If you only want to participate in a single lecture, please write a
short note in the text field.


    FAQ for the examination performance of external students

    Please pay special attention to the guidelines (German) for writing the essay. If you have any questions that are not listed here, please contact (Valentin Sagvosdkin).

    An essay is not intended as a form of examination in my course of studies. Can I take another examination?

    Answer: No, we cannot offer any other form of examination. However, we advise you to inquire at your examination office whether you can present this examination for recognition.

    Will there be a presence check? This is important for my examination office.

    Answer: Yes, we will check the absences within the technical possibilities for those participants who have registered for an exam.

    I would like to decide whether or not to take an exam only after attending the event. Is that possible?

    Answer: For administrative reasons, we must ask you to make this decision now.

    Can I have the lecture series billed under another module of the Cusanus Hochschule für Gesellschaftsgestaltung study programs?

    Answer: No, that will not be possible.

    Can I register for the examination as a student enrolled at a foreign university? In which language can I take the exam?

    Answer: Yes, that is possible. You can write the exam (essay) in German or in English. However, since you will have to attend most of the lectures and some of them will be in German, you can only take part with an examination if you can follow the lecture in German.

    Can pure participation certificates also be issued?

    Answer. No, this is not possible.

    Which level (Bachelor or Master) and how many ETCS points are assigned to the lecture series?

    Answer: The lecture is held across faculties and programs and is suitable for both Bachelor and Master students and for an interested public. Also from an examination law perspective, recognition is possible for both Bachelor and Master students. The effort corresponds to 5-6 ECTS (see also the form at registration).

    Can I claim my donation for tax purposes or receive a donation receipt?

    Answer: Yes, your donation is tax deductible. From a donation of 200 Euro you will automatically receive a donation receipt from us. For donations of less than 200 Euro you can present this simplified form in combination with a bank statement to the tax office.

    You can also find further information here.

    Are there recordings of the lectures that I can look at afterwards?

    Answer: Yes, all presentations for which the speakers have agreed will be shown on our YouTube-Channel afterwards, but without a question-answer part. If you want to take an exam, you usually have to attend the full webinar (see also next question).

    As a participant with an exam, do I really have to attend every appointment? What if I am sick, for example?

    Answer: In principle, you should participate in all appointments if possible. You can miss a maximum of two appointments. If you miss a third appointment, you must choose the variant of a large essay (6 ETCS) as your exam. If you miss a fourth appointment, we unfortunately cannot evaluate your participation.

    Can I register for the exam as a student matriculated at a foreign university? In which language can I take the exam?

    Yes, that is possible. You can write the exam (essay) in German or in English. However, since you will have to attend most of the dates and some of them will be in German, you can only take the exam with a grade if you can also follow the lectures in German.