How We Finance Ourselves

Who is making Cusanus Hochschule für Gesellschaftsgestaltung possible? In short, people and institutions from the middle of society are supporting us voluntarily and with conviction. Approximately 70% of our running costs are financed by donations and other forms of voluntary contributions. About 25% of our costs are covered by students who, through their tuition fees, help to make their own university possible. Only the remaining 5% are currently financed by Federal and State educational subsidies and thus by the taxpayer.

Can a university really be independent if it is existentially reliant on private money? For us the answer is: yes! Because together with our sponsors, we are putting into practice what we stand for in teaching and research: a new form of economy in which money is not coupled with power, but allows people to create an opportunity for independent thought and responsible action in a context in which everyone can participate equally.

This has become possible, among other things, through our innovative legal construction as a genuine trust foundation, which is essentially self-owned, our strong academic self-administration and – by no means least – through our close cooperation with our many sponsors. As a result, we not only research future new economies, but live them already in the present.

A Call for Sponsorship

This opens up worlds of opportunity for our sponsors. With us, they can invest in a future that is not known, but open, not predictable, but filled with meaning, and not plannable, but shapeable. This form of investment cannot be calculated in returns. Instead, it is truly transformative, exciting and innovative in the sense of “profit beyond profit”.

You can experience how this works in real time at any time with us. Feel free to contact us and become a sponsor!

How to contact us

Prof. Dr. Silja Graupe, Vice President of Cusanus Hochschule is responsible for the area of “University Sponsorship and Partnerships”. The team is complemented by Frank Vierheilig, Chancellor.

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Prof. Dr. Silja Graupe

Prof. Dr. Silja Graupe
Vice President
Head of “University Sponsorship and Partnerships”
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Our sponsorship and fundraising department is supported and accompanied by the “Advisory Board Institutional Development”, whose members act as social ambassadors as they advise us internally on the development of our financial concept. Its members are Dr. Peter Heller (also member of the Advisory Board), Stefan R. Haake and Ferenc von Kacsóh.

Dr. Peter W. Heller, Managing Director of the Canopus Foundation, Member of the Advisory Board of the University

“State universities cannot produce a new and independent way of thinking about economic theory and practice with the necessary consistency; this requires independent sponsorship, as exemplified by the Cusanus Hochschule für Gesellschaftsgestaltung. And this in turn requires the courage of conviction, the entrepreneurial philanthropy of numerous private sponsors. I am very happy to have been a part of this from the very beginning!”

Matthias Druba Lawyer, Notary Public

“Despite its many successes, the existing market economy has been a luxury of North America and Europe. We see that the world as a whole cannot bear it. Now we need to develop a market economy 2.0 on an ethically and philosophically sound basis. However, the ever-increasing elimination of competing economic models means that in many areas the market economy is regarded and handled in a dogmatic and ideological way instead. Cusanus Hochschule für Gesellschaftsgestaltung, however, actually sets out to reconcile philosophy, sustainability and market economy. It is a sign of hope that there are ways out of the current crisis. I am happy to devote my abundance to its work.”

Meinhard Miegel, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Stiftung kulturelle Erneuerung

“A society depends on the public spirit of its citizens. Our foundation for cultural renewal therefore welcomes the initiative of the Cusansu Hochschule für Gesellschaftsgestaltung to strengthen this public spirit. It supports this initiative to the best of its ability. How can the economy as a science provide orientation in a new way so that the economy ceases to lead the world to its ecological and social limits? How can it herald a change in consciousness? Cusansu Hochschule is researching this in a project that explores “between” art and economics, which we specifically support.”

Peter Piechotta, Shareholder of Neuguss Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH Berlin

“Cusanus Hochschule für Gesellschaftsgestaltung teaches its students real economic conditions of today. Not the market itself regulates the various forces, but rather today the financial industry dominates our entire lives to an unacceptable degree. Cusanus Hochschule provides the necessary tools to further develop our human culture and to shape the rules and laws that are meant to ensure continuity. One can only hope that as many students as possible will continue to be offered this opportunity. That’s why I am committed.”