Ringvorlesung: Raúl Montenegro – Coronavirus, environmental crisis and wars: the three pandemies

In Kooperation mit: Environment Defense Foundation

(FUNAM), Campus Cordoba of the Right Livelihood College and Right Livelihood Foundation

Time: 2-4 pm (UTC +1) | Argentina: 10am-12pm (UTC -3) | The language is English.

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Raúl Montenegro has been Professor of Evolutionary Biology at the National University of Cordoba (since 1985). In 1982 he was the principal founder of FUNAM (Environment Defence Foundation), and has been its President since 1995. Montenegro has been a member of the Executive Committee of the Environment Liaison Center International in Nairobi (ELCI, 1988-91), a Vice-President of Greenpeace (1987-89). He is now Director of the international Biomass Users Network and FUNAM’s main representative of the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). Since 1980 Montenegro has been involved, normally in an initiating role, in an astonishing range and number of environmental activities, which you can find here. In all his activities Montenegro combines an expert use of science with community-based campaigning, and an ability to generate enormous media coverage.

Montenegro received University of Buenos Aires’ Prize to Scientific Research when he was a student (1971) and the national ‘Argentina has examples’ prize in 1996. FUNAM received a Global 500 Award from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in 1987, and Montenegro received the same Award personally in 1989. In 1998 Montenegro was in Salzburg as one of four recipients to be accorded the Nuclear-Free Future Award.

Raúl Montenegro is laureate of the Right Livelihood Avard 2004, which is also known as the „Alternative Nobel price“.